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Fire Protection for Schools in New Jersey

Posted on: March 1, 2017

As the manager of a daycare center, principle of an elementary school, or administrator at a university, you have many responsibilities to your students. Ensuring a quality education isn’t enough – you must also safeguard the lives of everyone in your school. One way is to combat your building’s fire risks with the proper fire protection techniques.

What Fire Risks Threaten Schools in New Jersey?

The National Fire Protection Association states that about 5,690 educational buildings in the US are damaged in fires every year. These school blazes cause about 85 civilian injuries and $92 million in property damage annually.

More than 70% of school fires (4,000 in all) break out in elementary, middle, and high schools. Half of these incidents are set intentionally. The other two leading fire risks in educational buildings include cooking equipment and accidental ignition from playing with sources of heat.

Fire Protection Equipment for Educational Buildings

Do you have the proper equipment in place to protect your students and staff from fire? Once you do, you must implement ongoing inspections, testing, maintenance, repairs, and upgrades as needed. Confires can perform all of these services for schools in New Jersey.

Be sure to have the following systems installed and serviced regularly:

  • Fire alarms (featuring pull stations, smoke detectors, strobe lights, and sirens) alert building occupants of a fire so an evacuation can commence without delay.
  • Emergency exit lighting sheds light on dark hallways for an orderly evacuation if a fire knocks out the power.
  • Fire sprinklers offer 24/7 protection and reduce property damage from fires by an average of 62 percent.
  • Portable fire extinguishers provide teachers and staff with firefighting power.
  • Commercial kitchen fire suppression systems act fast against cooking fires, the second leading reason for blazes to break out in school buildings.

Implement a Complete Fire Protection Plan for Your School

Automatic fire extinguishing systems certainly save lives, but establishing fire safety protocols increases the effectiveness of your fire protection equipment. Educate all teachers and staff so everyone knows:

  • How to use a fire extinguisher (we highly recommend formal annual training from Confires)
  • Where fire extinguishers and pull stations are situated
  • How to follow established evacuation routes
  • The importance of taking the stairs, not the elevator, when evacuating in a fire emergency
  • Where all exits are located and the importance of keeping emergency routes clear
  • The need to look after students and take attendance during fire drills

Let Confires Protect Your New Jersey School from Fire

When you take fire prevention seriously, you protect life and property by preventing blazes in the first place. Then, with the proper equipment in place, you limit the potential damage that could occur in a fire. Team up with the fire protection experts at Confires and you’ll know your school is code-compliant and adequately protected against fires.

To arrange fire protection services for your school in New Jersey, please contact Confires today. We serve commercial customers in New Jersey and Delaware with 30 years of industry experience. 

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