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Fire Extinguisher Replacement in Newark – Pavilion Apartments

Posted on: December 29, 2011

Looks like the Pavilion Apartments in Newark, NJ just got a little safer – we’ve just outfitted them with 68 new 2.5# ABC fire extinguishers! Fire extinguisher replacement is critically important, especially in apartment buildings with hundreds of tenants – there’s nothing worse than grabbing an old fire extinguisher and realizing it’s not going to be able to put a fire out!

The 2.5# ABC fire extinguishers will all be able to extinguish fires up to 2.5 sq. meters, making them the perfect size for stopping small fires before they escalate into huge disasters. If the fire extinguishers in your building are getting old and you’re worried they won’t be able to keep your building’s occupants safe from fires, don’t wait – call Confires for New Jersey fire extinguisher replacement today!

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