Purple-K Fire Extinguishers

Purple-K fire extinguishers contain a fluidized, siliconized potassium bicarbonate dry chemical that is particularly effective at putting out Class B fires (flammable liquid fires) and pressurized gas fires. As an added bonus, Purple-K is electrically non-conductive so it’s safe when dealing with Class C (electrical) fires.

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Purple-K fire extinguishers are commonly used in the oil, gas, chemical, and utilities industries, as well as in oil refineries, airport ramps, service stations, military facilities, naval warships, power plants, and other places where flammable liquids are handled. Purple-K is often paired with foam in twin agent systems, and is sometimes found fitted to airport fire appliances.

Purple-K can be found in small handheld or larger wheeled extinguishers as well as mobile and stationary units, including fixed-nozzle piping systems.

Purple-K is a highly effective fire suppression material, but it can be very difficult to clean up, especially when it gets wet. In addition, it should never be mixed with phosphate-based fire suppression agents such as ABC dry chemical fire extinguishers, as these will react together and destroy the efficiency of the Purple-K.

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Purple-K Fire Extinguishers in New Jersey

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