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Fire Protection for Delaware Businesses

Posted on: December 19, 2016

If you’re a business owner in Delaware, you have many responsibilities to your employees and customers. In addition to ensuring fair pay, competitive prices, and quality services, you must also focus on providing a safe working and shopping environment. Fires are a threat to any Delaware business, no matter the industry. Take these fire protection steps to protect your building, assets, and people from a potential fire emergency.

Know Your Risks

The National Fire Protection Association reports that about 113,500 commercial building fires ignited across the country in 2015. These fires resulted in 80 civilian deaths, more than 1,400 civilian injuries, and a whopping $3.1 billion in property damage.

The most prominent fire risks to the typical Delaware business include heat-generating equipment and appliances, such as furnaces, ovens, stoves, and dryers. Electrical components and wiring also pose a threat, as do combustible gases, tobacco products, and open flames. By knowing these fire risks, you can take steps to maintain and control them.

Install a Fire Protection System

Not only is a comprehensive fire protection system essential for keeping your Delaware business safe, but it’s also required by local and federal fire codes. While the scope of your fire protection system depends on the specific fire risks in your building, the most common equipment includes:

  • Kitchen fire suppression systems: Restaurants and other businesses with cooking areas require a kitchen fire suppression system. This is designed to automatically put out grease fires.
  • Sprinkler systems: All general areas of your Delaware business should feature fire sprinklers for protection against ordinary fires. Sprinklers are so effective that they often extinguish the blaze before emergency personnel arrives.
  • Fire alarms: Vital for saving lives, fire alarms alert everyone in the building of the emergency so they can evacuate to safety. A working fire alarm is vital for code compliance.
  • Fire extinguishers: Sometimes, it’s appropriate to put firefighting power in your employees’ hands. Installing the correct type of fire extinguishers in strategic locations facilitates this. At Confires, we can help you choose the right fire extinguishers for your Delaware business.
  • Emergency lighting: When a fire or another emergency situation causes a blackout, battery-powered emergency lighting guides the way to the exits, helping to maintain an organized, timely evacuation.

At Confires, we can install inspect, maintain, repair, and replace your fire protection equipment as needed. We’re happy to be your full-service fire protection company so you can get everything you need in one place.

Schedule Fire Protection Services for Your Delaware Business

Whether you’re constructing a new business or renovating your current location, turn to Confires for all your fire protection needs. By choosing us to outfit your Delaware business with fire protection equipment, you know your building will be safe and code compliant.

To schedule fire protection services for your Delaware business, please contact Confires today. We offer over 30 years of industry experience, so you know our team will deliver a job well done. Our service areas include New Jersey and Delaware.

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