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Fire Pump Inspection FAQs

Posted on: May 22, 2013

How does a fire pump work?

Fire pumps pressurize water to the level required by your fire sprinkler system. Since every building has unique fire sprinkler requirements, pumps should be sized prior to installation. Pump size should be reevaluated any time you adjust the layout or design of your building.

Does every building need a fire pump?

Not every building needs a fire pump. You will not need one if the water coming into your building from the city water supply is enough to satisfy sprinkler’s pressure requirements.

Some older buildings in New Jersey or Delaware may not have fire pumps installed even where they are needed. If this is the case in your building, call Confires—we can install a fire pump in your building that will ensure your safety day and night.

If you operate an industrial or manufacturing facility in a rural area or an area without access to the city water supply, you will likely need a fire pump.

What happens to fire pumps during a boil order?

An event that causes a significant drop in city water pressure may require a boil order to ensure the water is potable. Such drops in pressure can occur if the sprinkler system goes off in a building without a fire pump. Since the pump supplements the water pressure in a building and can prevent this sort of thing.

What is involved in a fire pump test?

During a fire pump test, your fire protection services provider will check the lines and incoming voltage to your fire pump system. Specifically, your technician will look to make sure you’re not getting excessive voltage to your panel that could cause it to short out. They will also take a look at the amps and RPM on the shaft that drives your pump’s engine. Finally, they will make sure there are no problems internally with your pump and that it is performing up to its design standards.

Your technician will also perform a flow test higher than the pump’s rated value. This will ensure the pump will operate appropriately when necessary.

What happens if I miss my fire pump test?

Missing a single fire pump test is not a big deal – just schedule one as soon as you can.

If you have never had your pump tested, call your fire protection company right away – there’s a good chance that your fire pump will not be able to keep your building protected.

Do I need to test my fire pump on my own?

Every week, you should perform a 10 – 30 minute flow test on your fire pump to keep it in good shape. During the test, make sure your drain lines are actually draining and not just flooding the floor. Keep the area where your fire pump is clear of rust and debris to prevent clogs.

For most buildings in Delaware and New Jersey, a fire pump is an extremely important piece of fire protection equipment. If you need to schedule your annual fire pump inspection, call Confires today.

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