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Is Your Fire Suppression System Outdated?

Posted on: October 7, 2013

If you run a museum, data center, or any other building that relies on sensitive equipment, you most likely have a clean agent fire suppression system keeping it protected. But when was the last time you had that fire suppression system inspected? Commercial fire suppression systems are vital for keeping kitchens, data centers, museums, and other facilities safe without using water (which, depending on the contents of your building, can be as damaging as fire!).

Of course, fire suppression systems can’t do much if you don’t have them regularly tested! If you can’t remember the last time you had your fire suppression system tested, it’s probably been too long.

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Why are fire suppression system inspections important?

Most people think the most dangerous thing for your building is to not have a fire suppression system installed. But what can be even more dangerous is having a fire suppression system installed that you think works but really doesn’t! Thinking you are protected when you are actually at risk can cost your building dearly.

Not every business will experience a devastating fire—you may never see one the whole time you’re in operation. But this is exactly why it’s so important that you keep your fire suppression system well maintained. Sitting idle for so long, parts of your fire suppression system can wear out due to underuse, elements, or what have you. As a result, they may fail to activate when you need them most. A fire suppression system inspection will ensure that your system is checked frequently for signs of damage like this so it will always be there for you.

When should you have your fire suppression system inspected?

Fire suppression system inspection is so important that if you are not sure when your last inspection was, you should have it inspected right away. Following this, you should follow these guidelines for fire suppression system inspection:

  • Follow the manufacturers’ recommendations – every fire suppression system we install comes with a recommended maintenance schedule, so if Confires installed your system, we urge you to keep up with that schedule. It is there to keep you, your employees and your building safe.

If you have an older system and are not sure what the recommended schedule is, give us a call. We’ll set you up on a maintenance schedule that will ensure maximum protection.

  • Whenever the building changes hands – if you have recently acquired a new facility, it helps to have fire suppression system inspection as soon as possible—especially if you have no way of knowing when the previous owners last had one. If you’re in the process of acquiring a new facility, make sure you find out if a new fire suppression system will need to be installed. At Confires, we can expertly design a fire suppression system for any building. If the building you’re purchasing needs an upgraded system, call us.
  • Today – if you don’t remember the last time you had your fire suppression system inspected or if you know for a fact you’ve never had one done, call Confires today. An outdated fire suppression system puts everyone, and everything, in your building at risk. Our team of fire protection professionals is qualified to inspect and repair your system, and if it’s time to install a new system altogether, our experts can recommend a course of action.

A properly inspected and tested fire suppression system is the single most effective way to protect lives and property within your building. If you need fire suppression system inspection in New Jersey or Delaware, contact Confires today.

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